Coffee and travels

Wow, what a hectic couple of weeks it has been here in Ballarat. With everyone in a rush to buy last minute Christmas presents and then in even more of a rush to spend on boxing day. Sometimes I wonder how do you relax in this festive season.. it may be over already but it still feels like I must be rushing.


Let’s start from, Christmas shopping – this part was quite enjoyable. It’s one thing I love about Christmas – being able to give something to someone and bring joy to them. I did manage to lose one of the Christmas gifts I wrapped for my partners niece.. but we did indeed replace it and she loved it anyway.
It has been really sunny here in Ballarat, since I’ve been here I have managed to get sunburnt twice.

Jordan decided to take me out to dinner at one if my favorite restaurants in Ballarat ‘Da Vincis.’ Not one are the meals really good, the staff are lovely and the place looks amazing. Painted on the walls are Da Vinci pieces of work, not original paintings of course, unless he happen to rise for that particular occasion.

Jordan at Da Vincis
Jordan at Da Vincis
Me drinking Whiskey and Coke
Me drinking Whiskey and Coke
One of the paintings on the wall
One of the paintings on the wall

I was meaning to take pictures of our meal, but we were do busy talking about the female waitress who happen to he lurking around our table – she wasn’t our waitress for the night and we were the only customers down the front if the restaurant. We found it just a bit creepy.
Jordan and I had actually left 2 pillows we had bout under our table at this restaurant. Luckily we were able to get them back.

I will skip to Christmas, nothing else really happened during the time before, besides all the Christmas shopping.
Christmas eve was very hectic, I think we left a few things to the last minute. Jordan and I took a walk up the road to the Christmas light display they had put together, I understand that there are people in this town who get into it a lot and spend a lot of money to bring joy to all the children (and all the drunken, drugged up teens I saw marvelled at all the colourful lights and bubble machines.)
Our son Setesh was pretty amazed by the display aswell. Although he was really interested in this singing dear they had mounted on the wall.






We stayed up until around 2-3 am, helping Mum (my mother in law) with cleaning, while she cooked. Honestly we didn’t get much cleaning done, it was a very exhausting day and we spent most the time chatting while waiting for turkey and ham to cook. But we did a pretty good job for the time we made use of. The kids woke up in a really good mood Christmas morning, straight to their presents, wrapping paper flying everywhere. Something that bugs me about Christmas is spending so much on wrapping paper all for one day – what a money maker! Mum and I discussed using plain brown paper, I suggested buying a huge roll and spending time painting and stamping it to make it look Christmasy (is that even a word?)









Yes Jordan received coal from mittens partner for Christmas (his younger brother)


Mittens Blog

Once again, I forgot to take photos of all the wonderful food we had to eat, so you will just have to take my word for it. It was amazing!


But there was Christmas punch I took a photo of

Very sunny Christmas day:)
Was an extremely good day, I hope everyone loved the gifts they received from everyone on this day.

On boxing day, I was already for the boxing day sales.

Well sort of ha ha, after my morning coffee I was alright. The rest of the family set off to shepparton for Christmas at Aunty Chris’s house, sadly Jordan and I couldn’t join them this year as it was an early start for Jordan the next day and he cannot risk taking any time off (two people were fired for taking the day off recently.)

It was extremely busy down the shops on boxing day. Jordan and I combined all our Christmas money and gift cards together and purchased the new Nintendo Wii U


We bought the premium game pack they were selling, it came with a bunch of accessories and 2 games ‘Nintendoland’ and ‘Just Dance 4’ I also purchased the new ‘Assassins Creed 3’ on sale $30 off:)

The kids really enjoy ‘Just Dance 4’


Setesh will be 2 next year, I fear he will take over the world by then with his dancing ability and tantrums.


Jordan and I went out for dinner the other night, we went to a really nice Chinese restaurant called ‘Golden Crown’

We ate some Honey chicken, Lemon Duck, Fried rice and Singapore noodles. I really should keep my phone charged, this is the reason I didn’t take photos of the meal, Jordan took the photo if the outside of the restaurant for me.
Before we had decided to eat at this place for dinner we went for a walk to a new supplement/body building shop that has recently opened up in town, we had a chat and I purchased a tank top from them (it is also helping advertise the store.)

After we left this store we made our way to the restaurant, on the way I spotted this down an alley in ‘Bridge mall’

I thought it was an amazing collection of photos taken if Ballarat. So it is perfect to end this post with.


Stay tuned for my next post.

7 thoughts on “Coffee and travels

    1. I just spent age’s re-doing the photos in this post, they weren’t coming up for me on my webpage, so if you would like to have another look please do.

      Jessica is My partners, younger brothers girlfriend, so i have actually known her for 2 and a half years now, So far my travels have been good, I have still got so much to see here just in Ballarat, plus being stationary for a weeks at a time helps with saving for the transport to other places. Soon I will be taking a trip back to Adelaide to visit my family. I will be able to explore more there:)

      Summer has been great!

  1. I love Da Vinci’s! Best parmigiana of all time.
    Haha I hope he liked his coal, Justin thought it was quite hilarious. It made me think that coal wouldn’t have even been a horrible gift back in the day.

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